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New Apple iPhones to Take on Samsung?

News feeds have been filled recently with the leaks on Apple’s 2019 upgrades to the iPhone (presumed to be called the iPhone 11). Despite the excitement, Forbes reported that “Apple does not appear to have anything to offer”, disappointing international consumers who were expecting some new features to rival Samsung’s recent release.

An Apple factory building.

Apple will look to take on rival tech company Samsung by also removing the notch of the front-facing camera for a smoother screen display like the new Galaxy S10. To do so, Apple will need to use new sensors according to Apple’s supplier, AMS Designs, as reported in a Patently Apple article. While this may create a bezel-free screen display and a possibly more secure system, it will also mean the iPhone will likely be marked at a higher price. Considering the iPhone XS Max was the most expensive iPhone in Apple’s history, we can imagine the tag will be eye-watering (unless they heed the news regarding the declining popularity of their phones).

If you’re wondering what else the new iPhone may have, industry expert Ming-Chi Kuo said the 2019 iPhone would likely include ultra-wideband connectivity; wireless charging for other devices; larger batteries and a triple camera on the back.

We can also expect the iPhone 11 to come in three versions, just like the iPhone X, with reports indicating they will be keeping the screen dimensions of the XS, XR and XS Max.

What the updates by industry specialists confirm is that the iPhone 11 won’t offer anything radically new, with a host of available Android phones on the market already offering these ‘updates’. By the time Apple’s keynote conference in September rolls around to announce the iPhone 11, these device features are not going to feel like anything novel. This is not a great start to the year for Apple who has already been plagued by rumours that their latest range of iPhones have not been as well-received as previous models and have therefore needed to cut their production numbers.

An iPhone box.

It is still unsure how the tech giant will get around the security issues Samsung faced when creating a bezel-free display. Samsung opted for an ultrasonic fingerprint reader that unfortunately can’t work with screen protectors; this, understandably, created a lot of controversy as one of the major methods for screen protection. As many people utilise iPhone X screen protectors to safeguard their latest iPhones, it could be a deal-breaker if the update couldn’t support this essential safety feature like its predecessor.

Many are struggling to identify the unique selling point that will secure Apple sales this year, meaning that many Apple users may be staying put with their iPhone X or looking to switch over to Android when upgrade time comes anyway.

However, it looks like Apple may also be working on an exciting product as news outlets report on a patent leak. Design drawings indicate Apple may be working on a foldable phone which will be hinged in the middle, allowing users to open it up for a larger screen experience. The patent was filed back in October, but the news was only released to the public last week.

Don’t expect the foldable iPhone anytime soon though. Chances are it will be a couple of years before we can expect to see such a phone on the market. With Samsung also working on a foldable phone, it will be a race between the tech giants to see can release it first.

Is this all part of Apple’s game? Do you think they have something up their sleeves? Let us know what you think the iPhone 11 will be like!

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